11 November 2011

As They Fold the Flag and Fire the Shots

Among The Rest, They Gave Their Best.
As They Lower Me Into My Grave, Let Not A Tear Be Shed.
I Fought To Keep My Country Free, And Now My Lord I'm Going
To See, For Just My Body's Dead.
As They Fold The Flag And Fire The Shots, Let No Emotion Show.
Stand Firm And Brave Beside The Grave, And Listen As The
Bugles Blow.
Weep Not For Me As You Walk Away, Turn Not For One
Last Look.
As The Haunting Strain Of "Taps" Remain,
Press A Kiss Upon Your Holy Book.
The Spades Will Softly Turn The Soil, As I Wing Away With God.
The Diggers Will Refill The Pit, 'Til Signs Of Death Retract From
It, And Replace The Torn Sod.
As Years Go By, And Moments Fade, My Stone Shall Stand Erect.
Among The Rest, Who Gave Their Best, Our Freedom To Protect.

Snellville Historical Cemetery; Gwinnett County, Georgia

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