20 December 2011

Tombstone Genealogy Tuesday: More About the Snell Family

A few weeks ago, I posted about some great genealogy information found in the family plot for E. R. Snell and Charity Snell Holmes at the Snellville Historical Cemetery in Gwinnett County, Georgia. In the same cemetery is the family plot for their son Gladstone, and information is plentiful there, too. Here it is. I like how the children were listed -- the sons on the father's ledger marker, and the daughters on the mother's.

Gladstone Frederick
[June 3, 1877 - July 1, 1938]

Son of E. R. Snell
& Charity Snell

Their Sons:
Joseph Thomas Sr.
Edwin Richard Sr.
Cyril Gladstone
Hugh Frederick Sr.
Permelia Clementine (Clemmie)
[Aug 27, 1880 - Apr 27, 1964]

Daughter of Thomas Pinckney Cofer
& Francis V. Lanford

Their Daughters:
Naomi (Omie) Biggers
Margie Irene
Gladys Johnston
Myrtle Watkins
Lucile Williams
Bessie Briscoe
Bobbie Buchanan

Also resting the same plot is Cyril G. Snell (1920-1987), Myrtle Snell Watkins (1910-1974), and Naomi Snell Biggers (1901-1980).

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