17 March 2012

Irish Born was Kate Malone Sullivan (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

Kate Malone Sullivan rests at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. Her tombstone is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. My breath was stolen when I first laid eyes on it.

The work of art by Crouch M. & G. Co. of Atlanta includes a recessed sculpture of a cross in crown surrounded by Madonna (Easter) lilies and ivy. Each of these items carry much meaning. The cross in crown is a symbol of victory and Christianity. The lilies represent purity, and the ivy can mean immortality, fidelity, and undying affection. Kate's stone is draped and also bears a flowering laurel wreath with her epitaph.

Rest in Peace
Kate Malone Sullivan
Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
June 17, 1840
Atlanta, Ga Aug 17, 1901
Our Mother

All photos © 2011/2 S. Lincecum
P.S. Pay no attention to the doggie behind the tombstone. :-)


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