31 May 2012

Buried the Wrong Boy!

Found this news item and had to share. Can you imagine what his parents went through? And, fast forward 116 years to today, what a genealogist might go through?
A Son Returns Home Whose Parents Thought He Was Dead.

Louisville, Dec 24 -- Louis Rebhan, a young mechanic, arrived in Louisville today for the purpose of letting his parents know that they had buried the wrong boy when, about a year ago, they attended his funeral.

Rebhan disappeared and several weeks later a badly decomposed body was found in the canal. The parents identified the corpse and mourned their son as dead until his reappearance today. He says that he went to make his fortune and did not learn until the other day that he was supposed to be buried. [The Macon Telegraph, Georgia, 25 December 1895]


Marian Pierre-Louis said...

I can only imagine that they were happy that he was still alive but oh the emotions they must have gone through!

Gale Wall said...

And, we've seen this in modern times to. I wonder if they had a tombstone erected during that time?

Stephanie Lincecum said...

I wondered the same thing, Gale.

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