13 June 2012

100,000 Page Views...Words Cannot Express My Gratitude

100,000 page views -- wow.

I began this blog a bit over five years ago with fits and starts. Then, in October 2008, the late great Terry Thornton invited me the join the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, and the rest (as they say) is history. I am sincerely humbled by and grateful for all of you who have stopped by to read a post or two (or more!) on this blog. This is a milestone I will not soon forget. I have received messages thanking me for information and telling me of genealogical connections made. The research of cemeteries and the individuals memorialized within is a passion. Yet each message spurs me to continue and is truly appreciated. Thank-you again for reading and following the Southern Graves blog.

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Sheri Fenley said...

Congratulations Stephanie! I have read your blog from the very first day you started it and continue to do so. You should be very proud!

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thank-you very much, Sheri!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Congratulations! That's such a huge accomplishment!

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