12 June 2012

Michael Muldoon, Marble Cutter

Charles Boynton
Photo © 2012
S. Lincecum
A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the monument erected for Charles E. Boynton (d. 1890) in Oakland Cemetery at Atlanta, Georgia. This memorial is the work of M. Muldoon & Co. of Louisville, Kentucky.

Photo © 2012 S. Lincecum

A 1977 National Register of Historic Places nomination form regarding the Tyler-Muldoon House in Louisville, Kentucky includes some information about Michael Muldoon and his company:

"...The house was built in 1866 for Erastus D. Tyler, a Louisville insurance and real estate agent. It was later owned by Michael Muldoon, founder of the marble-cutting firm that was the predecessor of the present Muldoon Monument Company...

Tyler-Muldoon House
From Wikimedia Commons
...Michael Muldoon was born in Ireland and came to New York City in 1849. He learned the marble-cutting trade and after working as a journeyman marble-cutter in New York, Baltimore and West Virginia, he came to Louisville in 1857 and opened a marble-cutting establishment with George Doyle and Charles Bullit, a French sculptor. The business was known as M. Muldoon and Company. In 1863 the firm opened a studio nd workshop in Carrara, Italy, under the supervision of Mr. Bullet, where most of the actual carving was done.

The Muldoon Company was outstanding in the design and erection of monuments and mausoleums across the country as well as in Kentucky. The firm built most of the Confederate monuments erected in the South in the late nineteenth century, including the Confederate monument on Third Street in Louisville and the Confederate pylon at Fort Donelson, Tennessee. The sarcophagus at the grave of John C. Calhoun in South Carolina was also the work of the Muldoon Company...

...In 1865 he married Alice Lithgow, daughter of John S. Lithgow, mayor of Louisville...Michael Muldoon died in 1911 and was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery."

Duke University Libraries Digital Collections
Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920

Michael's company is still in business today as Muldoon Memorials.

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