07 July 2012

Alphius J. Moor Leads Me to the Oakland Cemetery Book

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Yesterday, I shared a post about Pvt. G. W. Dupriest, who rests in the Confederate Memorial Grounds of Oakland Cemetery at Atlanta, Georgia. Visible in the photo included in that post (and shared here) is the tombstone placed for Alphius J. Moor. Pvt. Moor(e) served in the Confederate States Army with Company E of the 51st Alabama Regiment, Partisan Rangers. His death occurred 14 April 1863.

In reviewing his compiled service record on Fold3, I discovered A. J. Moore was on a list like the one on which Pvt. Dupriest was found -- "Register of Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease." I couldn't quite make out everything written regarding his death, though. His date of death and place being a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia were the only parts clear to me.

A Google search informed me about what I believe to be the cause of A. J.'s death -- Erysipelas. Yet I still wasn't sure about the name of the hospital. While continuing to search online, I stumbled across a resource from the Georgia Archives entitled simply Oakland Cemetery Book. From the archives website:
This book records Confederate soldiers buried in Oakland cemetery between February, 1862 and July 5, 1864. On that date the sexton of the cemetery apparently fled the city, and these records cease before the fiercest fighting around Atlanta, which culminated with Federal troops occupying the city on September 1, 1864.

This book is most useful for providing a date and place of death for Confederate soldiers who died in Atlanta hospitals between February, 1862 and July 5, 1864. It may also be used to locate graves in Oakland Cemetery, but many of the soldiers listed in this book were subsequently moved to new burial locations. Users should contact the Oakland Cemetery Sexton's office for current grave information.

The book is a transcription made in August, 1884, from the originals, which are now lost.
Using the handwritten (wow!) index, it was fairly easy to locate A. J. Moore, who died 14 April 1863 at Atlanta's Fair Ground Hospital No. 2. Great resource!

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