17 July 2012

Margaret Peavy Hitt & Genealogy Serendipity (A Personal Tombstone Tuesday)

While on a recent visit to Atlanta, Georgia's Oakland Cemetery, I happened across a tombstone with a fairly common surname from my mother's side of the family. I always snap a photo of these finds, just because, well, you never know.

Margaret Peavy Hitt with husband Edward Greenway Hitt, Jr.
Photo © 2012 S. Lincecum

This is the only angle I shot. No close ups, no studying of surrounding stones. Nope, not any of that smart stuff. Still, I'm glad I took this photo because Margaret Peavy Hitt is my third cousin. Genealogy serendipity strikes again!

Of course, I did not know this until I returned home and took a peek at my genealogy database. And, truth be told, I still don't have proof of this relationship. My source for the data is a Peach County, Georgia history and lineage book by the Daughters of the American Revolution published in 1972.

Margaret's obituary did wonders for bolstering my theory. The names included in the item published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution all fall into the proper places within my family tree. It also gave me a few leads to try and prove said theory of cousinship. If you'll permit a delve into my personal genealogy here on this blog, I'll share with you my research journey.

...to be continued...here.

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