29 July 2012

Old South Bend Cemetery of Atlanta, Georgia

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South Bend Cemetery is located next to the Atlanta Youth Academy, near the intersection of Constitution and Forest Park Roads in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Doug Yancey and a group of volunteers have been working for five years to transform this sacred spot from an overgrown mire to a clean and visitable cemetery.

Why? To honor his father's request to be buried next to his parents. The 100+ graves date back to the 1800s and contain the names of Clark, Duncan, Ford, Grogan, Harper, Hubbard, Hughes, Johnston, Jordan, Lawrence, Schell, Shepherd, and Yancey.

The story of Mr. Yancey and the reclaimed South Bend Cemetery was written about in an article by Bo Emerson for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- Family Transforms 1800s Cemetery From a Jungle Into a Garden.

If you are looking for more information, you may get in touch with Mr. Yancey. His contact information is at the bottom of the news article linked above.


shellt said...

I am very excited about finding your blog. It appears we have a lot of the same interests in Southern genealogy. I am also related to Rainwaters as well and also attend the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Thank you for following my blog www.asouthernsleuth.com! Michelle

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! We do seem to have a lot in common -- we must be kin! ;-)

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