04 October 2012

Georgia Family History Expo Early Bird Special - 5 Days Left

I'm registered for the 3rd annual Georgia Family History Expo. Are you? I certainly hope so, since I'm positive a great time will be had by all who attend. If you haven't registered yet, you might want to take advantage of the early bird special before it ends on October 9th. You can save more than $40 on this two--day event.

A couple of highlights of this year's expo are Robert S. Davis and Paul A. Adjei. All you need to know about Mr. Davis is he exudes Georgia History. You could probably get smarter on the subject just by standing next to him. He will be giving the opening keynote address -- "The Secrets to Research in Georgia" -- as well as teaching classes on Georgia and Alabama. One I am particularly interested in is Research in the War of 1812 in the Deep South. Truth be told, I am an R. S. Davis groupie, so I might be found in more than one of his classes. I attended every single one at the last Georgia Family History Expo.

Another highlight, Mr. Paul A. Adjei, is (I believe) going to inspire you. He will be speaking and teaching on the subject of oral histories and how to preserve them. We all should want to know how to keep those important stories that are passed down from generation to generation. He lives in Kumasi-Ghana and is currently working to preserve the history of the Akan, one of the most powerful tribes in West Africa.

The Georgia Family History Expo is held in Duluth, not too far from the Georgia State Archives and the National Archives' Southeast location. While the Georgia Archives is currently embattled over budget cuts and may not be open to the public, NARA is. So another course that might be of interest to you is "I never knew this was here!": An Introduction to the National Archives by Cathy Miller.

Just the above alone shows how much knowledge one could gain by attending, doesn't it? Well, there's a whole lot more -- well over 50 additional classes are available. Like these, for example:

- Discovering African American Lives
- Preservation Techniques for Documents, Newspapers, and Photos
- The DAR Library for All: Near or Far, Member or Not
- German Church and Civil Records
- The Thirteenth Colony: Exploring the Colonial Georgia Records
- A Tale of Two Cemeteries: What Lies Beneath the Landscape of African American Burial Grounds

You know I'll be at that last one! But that still is not all, as I haven't even mentioned all the exhibitors and sponsors that will be there to answer questions and show the hows and whys of their products. Historical and genealogical societies will have a strong presence, as well.

And last, but not least, some familiar faces will be in attendance. Some will be blogging, some will be teaching, some will be doing both, and I'm sure all will be learning. Check out this year's official bloggers (yours truly is thrilled to be one), and stop by and say "Hi!"

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