27 November 2012

Needham Smith's Will, Part II (Amanuensis Monday Tuesday)

Needham Smith's Will. [continued]
Ardella Smith
...Fourth I desire that the residue of my Estate be kept together and that my Wife Ardilla, my daughters Drupina Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Martha Smith and my Grand Children William Thos Speight, Franklin Bryant Walker George Henry Walker and Betsy Joel Walker, be supported out of the income or product of the Estate until my youngest daughter Martha shall arrive at the age of twenty One or marries provided they all remain single until that time, the support to cease of each one at their marriage and the education of those not completed to be completed and the expences of the same be paid out of the products of my estate, the remainder of the income to be laid out by my executor as they may Judge most conducive to the interest of said Estate.
Im Fifth I desire and will that each of my daughters Drupina, Elizabeth and Martha whenever they shall arrive at the age of twenty One years or marries, shall shall receive out of my estate to be set off to them by commissioners appointed for that purpose one average Negro man, woman and child not over two years of age, and an average Negro Girl about Seven years of age, one good farm horse or Mule a good Bed Bedstead and furniture two Cows and Calves and Six hundred Dollars in money.
Im Sixth I desire and will that my Grandson William Thos Speight when twenty one years of age receive of my estate the same as one of my three daughters named in the fifth item. And should he depart this life leaving neither Wife or child or children, the property willed to him in this Item of my Will together what he may receive at the final division of my estate to revert back and become part and parcel of my estate and be divided among my heirs.

Needham Smith and family are buried at their family cemetery in what is now Bonaire, Houston County, Georgia. Of the names found in this second part of Needham's will, that includes his wife Ardella (pictured above), daughter Elizabeth Smith Fordham (1839-1912), and grandchildren Franklin Bryant Walker (1842-1852) and Bessie Walker Owen (1852-1943).

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Source for will -
"George Probate Records, 1742-1975." Images. FamilySearch. https://familysearch.org : accessed 23 November 2012.

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