28 January 2013

Margaret Walker Sank into the Grave to Rise in Christ (Today's Epitaph)

Sacred to the memory of
Consort of Charles Walker
She was modest, refined, virtuous & good,
the joy of her numerous relatives,
the hope of an affectionate husband,
a mother, tender, kind and true,
a friend whose sympathies were
ever alive to those of her associates,
and whose charity was always
extended to suffering want.
Born on the 23rd November 1808
Died on the 27th October 1845
She had been for three years previous
to her death, a zealous member
of the Methodist Episcopal Church
and beloved by all.
She in her 37th year, the prime of life,
Sank into the grave to rise in Christ.

Walker Cemetery
Bleckley County, Georgia
Photo © 2013 S. Lincecum

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