16 January 2013

She Met Her Last Great Enemy with Fearless Composure (Today's Epitaph)

Elizabeth "Betsey" Bryan was the daughter of Blake Bryan and Elizabeth Blackshear. She married Joel Walker about 1814 in Georgia. All are listed in Notable Southern Families, Vol. II. Betsey and Joel rest at Walker Cemetery in Bleckley County.

Sacred To The Memory Of
Betsey Walker
Consort of Joel Walker
Born December 9th, 1797
Died August 21st, 1848

In her death, the community lost a valuable member,
her associates, a friend who was ever ready to
sympathise in their joys and sorrows, her children, a
tender and affectionate mother, and her husband a
devoted wife.  She had been a member of the Methodist
Church 24 years, and having lived with constant
reference to a f[uture?] and eternal state of
existence, she met her last great Enemy with
fearless composure and yielded up her soul in the
full assurance of a part in the first resurrection.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

Photos © 2013 S. Lincecum

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