03 March 2013

William J. Trusty, Tank Destroyer

William J. Trusty (1919-1949)
William Jack Trusty rests at Blue Heights cemetery in Mountain City, Rabun County, Georgia. The stone I photographed was a government issue granite marker. I was not familiar with all of the abbreviations on the stone, but was able to decipher it easily after reading the headstone application on Ancestry.

From Wikipedia
As part of his service for the U.S. Army during World War II, Corporal Trusty was a member of Company B, 638th Tank Destroyer Battalion.  He enlisted 23 September 1942 and received an honorable discharge 18 October 1945.

This information was great, but it didn't tell me why William J. Trusty died at the young age of 30 years. In viewing several family trees online, the consensus seemed to be that he died in Pontiac, Michigan. However, not one of those I saw offered a source for this vital fact. Going ahead with this data, though, I did find a blurb in The Daily News (Ludington, Michigan - 25 July 1949, pg. 3):
PONTIAC -- Jack Trusty, 35, of Bloomfield Hills, died Sunday of burns suffered in a fire which destroyed his trailor early Sunday morning.
The Record-Eagle of Traverse City, Michigan stated the same while offering the age of 32.

I searched Oakland County, Michigan's death records index online and found a William Trusty died there 24 July 1949. Those online trees might just be right.

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