26 April 2013

Another Ride on the Genealogy Roller Coaster (This Time It's Personal)

A couple of months ago, I posted about the death of my 4th cousin, L. B. Lincecum, who was killed by 33,000 volts of electricity. At the time I had newly requested a photo of his burial site via FindAGrave, and today, contributor Lewis Bean fulfilled my request. **Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!**

After viewing the image of Buster's tombstone, I sighed with a bit of sadness and disappointment. See that empty oval to the left of his name? I'm 99.9% sure it once contained a photo of dear cousin L. B...and the genealogy roller coaster took me for another ride.

L. B. (Buster)
Son of L. G. Lincecum
Jan 5, 1906
Jan 10, 1930

Columbia Cemetery
West Columbia, Brazoria County, Texas

Photo contributed by Lewis Bean via FindAGrave.

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