05 May 2013

From the Rending Gloom to the Blaze of Day (Today's Epitaph)

In Memoriam
W. B. Marshall
Son of Stephen & E. Marshall
Born May 16, 1796
Died June 24, 1874

O happy stroke! that burst the bonds of clay,
Darts through the rending gloom the blaze of day.
And wings the soul with boundless flight to soar,
Where dangers threat and fears alarm no more.

For fifty five years a member of the
church which in him ever found
a generous supporter.
A kind husband, father, and friend.
Useful, laborious and public spirited.
Ever he lived to do good to others.
His excellent sense, sound judgement
and inflexible integrity gained for
him many positions of honor and trust,
yet he never lost his native modesty.
His warm and generous heart gained
for him many friends who will ever remember
him with gratitude and admiration.

Waverly Hall Cemetery
Waverly Hall, Harris County, Georgia

All photos © 2008-2013 S. Lincecum

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