11 July 2013

I'll Take What I Can Get (This Time It's Personal)

A couple of days ago, I put in a photo request at FindAGrave to help adorn the memorial of Dr. Addison L. Lincecum. This Dr. Lincecum, my third cousin, died almost 48 years ago. He was a son of Lucullus Lincecum and Fanny Rainwater, as well as a husband to Letha Gandy.

Per his death certificate, Addison's last residence was at Gandy Bend in Lavaca County, Texas. This was the old homeplace of the Gandy family, Letha Gandy being the last to live there. Addison's death certificate also states he was buried in the Gandy Bend Cemetery.

I would like to visit some day, but in lieu of that visit, I'm happy to have come across a newspaper article describing the location -- not only the old home, which is not an uncommon write-up to find, but also the old cemetery.

Vignettes of Old Victoria: Gandy Bend Landmark by Sidney R. Weisiger was published in the 23 April 1972 Victoria Advocate (Texas). The author gives a nice description of the land and home at Gandy Bend, and then he describes the cemetery:
The Gandy Cemetery is a short distance from the house, something less than a mile.

According to the descendants of the Gandys, Malcolm Gandy, a brother of Daniel, selected a spot and began the construction of a house. He fell over dead while at work and was buried on the spot. This was the beginning of Gandy Cemetery and Malcolm was the first person to be buried in the plot.

This little graveyard is well fenced and fairly well maintained. A number of large cedars grow around the grounds.

The oldest marked grave is that of Daniel Gandy who died March 12, 1874. The latest two burials are those of Letha Gandy Lincecum, who died Dec. 22, 1959, and her husband Dr. A. L. Lincecum, deceased on Dec. 6, 1965. Dr. Lincecum has a government grave marker as he was a capt. in the Army in World War I. His headstone has an arrowhead embedded in the stone to honor his Army division.
Since I'm roughly 920 miles away from this sacred spot, I'll take what I can get.


Lisa Taisey said...

Quite a family history. Excellent story!!!!

Terri said...

I've found many of my family on findagrave- and so many more I keep hoping to see. (I need to put in more requests) Your newspaper article was a neat find- I love searching newspapers- you never know what you will discover!

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