14 January 2014

William Clark and Beal Baker -- a Revolutionary Tombstone Tuesday

William Clark
Pvt Price's Co
Sevier's N.C. Regt
Rev War
July 2, 1843
Resting at Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia, are two Revolutionary War soldiers, William Clark and Beal Baker. I was able to find an obituary for William Clark, though it's missing some letters / words due to a bend in the scanned image. All the bracketed information makes for choppy reading, but I thought I'd post it anyway in case someone's research might benefit from it.

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
14 July 1843, pg. 3

WILLIAM CLARK departed this life, in Hall [cou]nty, on the 4th day of June, 1843. He was [bor]n in North Carolina, on the 7th of April, 1757, [and?] was consequently at the time of his death in [?]. Before he was grown his father [m]oved to the Nolychuchy River, now in East [Tenne]ssee, where he resided during the Revolutionary war. In that momentous struggle, Mr. [Clar]k served three campaigns under General [Price?] in South Carolina, and was engaged in [sev]eral excursions against the Cherokee Indians, [under?] Col. Sevier, of Tennessee. He was pre[sent?] a young man grown, at the treaty where [Daniel?] Boon purchased the territory of Kentucky. [In 1782?], he married the daughter of ex-Governor [Sev]ier and at the close of the war removed and [settl]ed on Tugalo river, at the place known as [?]'s Ford, of Jarrat's Bridge, on the South [Car]olina side, where he raised fifty-two crops.

In the 80th year of his age, on account of his [?]ing infirmities, he disposed of his possessions at that place, and divided his property a[?] his descendants, reserving something [?] a child's part, and removed to Hall county, [to be] near to his two youngest children, where he [died.]

[?] Clark lived to see the fourth generation, and [acc?]ording to the best estimate, there are not less [tha]n 150 of his descendants scattered over the [sta]tes of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas. But the patriarch [?]. He has passed that bourne from [?] no traveller returns. Who of his offspring [?], by imitating his sterling honesty and in[dependence?] -- his indomitable industry and ener[getic?] character, will secure like success in life, [?] respect when dead?
You can see the death date on the military headstone is inconsistent with the death date in the obituary. Also, a (second?) wife of William's is buried nearby: Ruth Goodwin, born 14 May 1767.

And here is a photo of Beal Baker's military headstone.

Beal Baker
Pvt Armstrong's Co
Malmedy's N.C. Regt
Rev War
August 31, 1842

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