30 April 2014

Mary Agnes Hurt, Young Traveler

Mary Agnes Hurt, born 3 July 1900 the daughter of Henry F. and Fannie A. Hurt, passed away while visiting her aunt in Manning, South Carolina. She was less than two weeks removed from her sixteenth birthday. Miss Agnes rests in the Greensboro City Cemetery of Greene County, Georgia. Her monument is impressive, a tribute to a couple's only child.

The death of Agnes Hurt was reported in several newspapers, mainly in South Carolina and Georgia:

Miss Agnes Hurt

Special to The State.
Manning, July 16 -- Miss Agnes Hurt, who was visiting in Manning as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. T. M. Wells, died at 2 o'clock Friday night after an illness of only a few days from acute gastritis. She was 16 years of age and enjoyed her usual good health until last Tuesday, when she became ill and continually grew worse until death. The body was taken to Sumter yesterday afternoon to be taken to Greensboro, Ga., the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hurt, where the interment will take place... [The State (Columbia, SC) 17 July 1916, pg. 3. Via GenealogyBank.]


Lovely Little Lady of Greensboro Dead at Manning, S.C.

Special to The Chronicle.
Greensboro, Ga., July 15 -- Miss Agnes Hurt, the only child of Capt. and Mrs. H. F. Hurt, of Greensboro, died early this morning after an illness of a few hours, at the home of a relative at Manning, S.C., where she had been visiting the past month.

Miss Hurt was 16 years of age and would have graduated next year at the high school. She represented this school in the musical contest held at Monroe in May, her death has cast a gloom over the entire community. The remains are expected in the morning and the funeral will occur from the Methodist Church... [Augusta Chronicle (Georgia) 16 July 1916, pg. 14. Via GenealogyBank.]
An unexpected find, however, was a write-up in a Baltimore, Maryland newspaper. Seems Agnes had relatives there, too:
Miss Agnes Hurt, 16 years old, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Hurt, of Greensboro, Ga., died suddenly on July 14 when visiting her aunt in Manning, S.C.

She was well known in Baltimore, having frequently visited her aunt, Mrs. Agnes Glen, 1022 North Broadway. She was the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pillsbury, of Northumberland county, Virginia. [The Sun (Baltimore, MD) 25 July 1916, pg. 10. Via GenealogyBank.]
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29 April 2014

John and Julia Youngblood (Tombstones Tuesday)

John Leon Youngblood
1869 - 1938
He was the friend of all humanity.

Julia Branch
Wife of John Leon Youngblood
1868 - 1939
"He giveth His beloved sleep."

Greensboro City Cemetery
Greene County, Georgia

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02 April 2014

Rev. Cummins and His Ties to Washington

The Rev. Francis Cummins, D.D.
Died February 22nd 1832
In the 83rd year of his age
And The 53rd of his Ministry.
Fully assured,
There remaineth a rest
To the people of GOD.

Sarah Cummins, widow
of Rev. Francis Cummins, D.D.
Died, In hope of the same rest,
June 10th 1833
In the 85th year of her age.

Upon his death, obituaries for Rev. Dr. Cummins ran in newspapers from Georgia, South Carolina, New York, and the District of Columbia. Here's how they read:

Charleston Courier (South Carolina)
7 March 1832, pg. 2
DEATHS. -- In Greene county, on the 22d ult. the Rev. Dr. Francis Cummins, aged 81 years. Mr. C. was one of the Revolutionary patriots, and his name is particularly connected with the earliest Declaration of Independence: being one of those who first asserted the Mecklenburg, North Carolina Independence, in May, 1775. He was a patriot -- a learned man -- a divine -- and at the time of his death, had the pastoral charge of a Church, of the Presbyterian denomination.
Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
16 March 1832, pg. 3
In Greensborough, Geo. on the 22d February, in the 83d year of his age, the Rev. FRANCIS CUMMINS, D.D. Dr. C. was one of the fathers of Presbyterianism in Georgia; a man of piety and extensive learning. President Jackson was his pupil, in early life. -- Geor. Cour.
[Dr. C. was the father of Mr. E. H. Cummins, of this City. -- Nat. Int.]

01 April 2014

Just As I Am (Tombstone Tuesday)

Because it's one of my favorite hymns --


Samuel Clarke Daniel

Born October 16th 1850;
Died March 21st 1876

Just As I Am Without One Plea
But That Thy Blood Was Shed For Me

Greensboro Cemetery
Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia

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