02 April 2014

Rev. Cummins and His Ties to Washington

The Rev. Francis Cummins, D.D.
Died February 22nd 1832
In the 83rd year of his age
And The 53rd of his Ministry.
Fully assured,
There remaineth a rest
To the people of GOD.

Sarah Cummins, widow
of Rev. Francis Cummins, D.D.
Died, In hope of the same rest,
June 10th 1833
In the 85th year of her age.

Upon his death, obituaries for Rev. Dr. Cummins ran in newspapers from Georgia, South Carolina, New York, and the District of Columbia. Here's how they read:

Charleston Courier (South Carolina)
7 March 1832, pg. 2
DEATHS. -- In Greene county, on the 22d ult. the Rev. Dr. Francis Cummins, aged 81 years. Mr. C. was one of the Revolutionary patriots, and his name is particularly connected with the earliest Declaration of Independence: being one of those who first asserted the Mecklenburg, North Carolina Independence, in May, 1775. He was a patriot -- a learned man -- a divine -- and at the time of his death, had the pastoral charge of a Church, of the Presbyterian denomination.
Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
16 March 1832, pg. 3
In Greensborough, Geo. on the 22d February, in the 83d year of his age, the Rev. FRANCIS CUMMINS, D.D. Dr. C. was one of the fathers of Presbyterianism in Georgia; a man of piety and extensive learning. President Jackson was his pupil, in early life. -- Geor. Cour.
[Dr. C. was the father of Mr. E. H. Cummins, of this City. -- Nat. Int.]

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