04 May 2014

And Kittie Makes Three

First Marcus, then Ella, and now Kittie. Benjamin Franklin and Jane Elizabeth (Cherry) Vinson lost another child in 1896. Kittie was just thirteen years old at her death.


She Was a Popular Young Lady of Walden.

Miss Katie [sic] Vinson, a beautiful and highly respected young lady just budding into womanhood died at her home at Walden yesterday.

Miss Vinson was the daughter of Mr. B. F. Vinson, a prominent citizen of Walden.

She will be buried at Liberty church this morning at 10 o'clock. A number of loving friends from Macon will attend the funeral. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia), 15 July 1896, pg. 4. Via Georgia Historic Newspapers.]
And, alas, there was yet another. The first child B. F. and J. E. Vinson lost was actually a son named Joseph B. He was only fifteen months old, and died around Christmas of 1885.

Of the seven children I have listed for this couple, four died young. Burials at Liberty Church Cemetery (Bibb County, Georgia) occurred in 1885, 1889, 1892, and 1896.

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