08 June 2014

Henrietta's Precious Dust Reposes Here (Today's Epitaph)

In Memory of
Henrietta M. Dawson
Wife of Hon. William C. Dawson
And daughter of Dr. Thomas and Sidney Wingfield
Born in Washington, Georgia Oct 7th, 1801
Died in Washington City, D.C. April 7th, 1850
And here her precious dust reposes.

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Greensboro City Cemetery
Greene County, Georgia
Photo © 2013 S. Lincecum
She was blessed with a strong intellect,
admirable judgement,
and peculiar gentleness
of disposition.
As a member of the Social Circle
and of
the Church of Christ,
she will be remembered
for her cheerfulness
and piety
harmonious and attractive.

Sister, Wife and Mother,
she was exemplary, pure and lovely
in all
the beautiful proprieties that adorned
her character;
have left,
for those who knew her, a hallowed
and precious fragrance
which can never be destroyed.

"We hear thy voice. It cometh oft
In sorrow's gush and memory's swell
When sigh we for its welcome soft
Or whisper of its sad farewell.
It comes with happy tone and blest,
And bids us to thine own sweet rest."

[Henrietta was the wife of William C. Dawson, also profiled on this blog.]

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