25 March 2015

Alexander McLaws, Shipwrecked Immigrant

Interesting story told in stone:

His Daughter
Hath placed this stone
over the body
Alexander McLaws

While on a voyage from Santo Domingo to his home
in Scotland, he and his family were shipwrecked
off the coast of Georgia, near Darien. After this
unfortunate experience, he decided to settle in America,
so Augusta was selected as their home, as it was
far away from the sea. This was about 1783.

St. Paul's Church Cemetery
Augusta, Georgia

Photo © 2013-2015 S. Lincecum

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Just got a couple of nautical charts of the savannah river from augusta to the sea. Maybe do some exploring. A lot of these places just ain't what they use to be.

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