10 February 2016

Southern Graves (Wordless Wednesday)

03 February 2016

John Simmons: Broken Before the Age of Two (Wednesday's Child)

Dooly County Cemeteries
John L.
Son of J. M. & M. E. Simmons
Born Aug 11, 1901
Died Dec 6, 1902
Mt. Olive Cemetery
Pinehurst, Dooly County, Georgia

02 February 2016

Item of Interest to Dicksons and Joiners (Tombstone Tuesday)

100_1096Little Lillian Dickson’s concrete ledger marker is not pretty to look at.  This daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dickson (online family trees suggest the initials are for Jefferson Simpson) died the summer of 1909 at the age of just two years.

I’m sharing this tidbit from the local newspaper in case anyone is trying to connect dots from a Dickson to a Joiner.

Vienna News (Georgia) 3 August 1909, pg. 3 :

…Mrs. Leon Joiner of Montezuma, came down and attended the funeral of her little niece, Lillian Dickson at Mt. Olive cemetery Friday afternoon…  [Via South Georgia Historic Newspapers.]

01 February 2016

Mary Elmirah: Gone Before (Today's Epitaph)

Mary Elmirah rests at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Pinehurst, Dooly County, Georgia. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wilson and wife of J. H. Wilkes. Mary died before her nineteenth birthday in the year 1907.

The back of her tombstone offers this recitation: There's a beautiful region above the skies, And I long to reach its shore. For I know I shall find my treasure there, The loved one gone before.

These words are from a poem by B. F. Taylor. I found it in The Speaker's Garland and Literary Bouquet. [P. Garrett & Co., 1876. Google book.]

There's a beautiful face in the silent air,
Which follows me ever and near;
With smiling eyes and amber hair,
With voiceless lips, yet with breath of prayer,
That I feel but cannot hear.

The dimpled hand and ringlet of gold
Lie low in a marble sleep:
I stretch my hand for a clasp of old,
But the empty air is strangely cold,
And my vigil alone I keep.

There's a sinless brow with a radiant crown,
And a cross laid down in the dust;
There's a smile where never a shade comes now,
And tears no more from those dear eyes flow,
So sweet in their innocent trust.

Ah, well! and summer is come again,
Singing her same old song;
But, oh! it sounds like a sob of pain,
As it floats in the sunshine and the rain,
O'er the hearts of the world's great throng.

There's a beautiful region above the skies,
And I long to reach its shore,
For I know I shall find my treasure there,
The laughing eyes and amber hair,
Of the loved on gone before.

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