02 April 2016

B is for Brewers Peacefully Sleeping with Jesus

James Palmer Brewer and his wife Mamie Causey rest peacefully at Mount Olive Cemetery in Dooly County, Georgia.  Though James was at least fifteen years older than Mamie, they both died in the month of July -– just fifteen days apart –- in the year 1939.


The 1920 U.S. Federal census for Vienna, Dooly County, Georgia shows the Georgia-born James P. was working at the "AB&A Depot." If my lookup is correct, this was the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad.  They had a depot just six miles from Vienna in Lilly, Georgia.  Steve Storey has some neat pictures of the depot in 2004 here.  Could this be where James worked?

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Darla M Sands said...

I adore what you're doing here. It's lovely. Best wishes! - Darla M. Sands
Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen

Barn & Beach said...

Fascinating, not sure I get it, but fascinating

Nicole said...

It's nice when couples are buried together. I'd like to think that in some way, their passing in such a short time of fifteen days between each other, helped to ease the suffering/grieving of the living spouse because they were able to join each other again in death.

Jill Ball said...

As a fellow taphophiliac I'm enjoying your posts and pictures. Looking forward to C-Z

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks, Everyone, for following along and commenting! Barn & Beach, if you find it fascinating, you get it. ;-)

Linda said...

I wonder how and why they died so closely. It's seems a very interesting study.

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