05 April 2016

D is for the Desolate, Companionless, Grief-Stricken Husband

Mrs. L. J. McDonald (whose gravesite is pictured in the foreground of the image here) was a noble Christian lady, and a true, kind, and affectionate wife.  She was born in Abbeville District, South Carolina 11 December 1825.  When she mrsljmcdonalddied on the 4th of May, in the year 1895, the Vienna Progress of Dooly County, Georgia gave the news:


One of the most estimable and widely admired women of our county, wife of Rev. Middleton McDonald, died at their home near Pateville Saturday night, and was buried, amid the family that have "gone before," at Mt. Olive church 9 miles above here Sunday afternoon.

Both husband and wife were very aged and were standing near the Jordan waiting for the summons to "come over," for which they have been ready these many years.

Mrs. McDonald has been in bad health for many years and it was a relief to her to lay aside the ills and cares of humanity, wrap the mantle of her couch [sic] about her and pass into immortality of perfect peace, happiness and joy.  But the desolate, companionless grief-stricken husband, who nursed her with such care, tenderness and devotion knows no consolation except that ministered by his Father and sympathizing friends, and eagerly watches and waits for the coming of his Lord to bear him away, also, to join her and the hosts of the redeemed "on the other shore."

I must admit, I initially assumed (<<< don't ever do that!) Mrs. L. J. and Rev. McDonald had been married for ages.  Several decades, I imagined.  But then I found another Mrs. McDonald.  It appears Middleton married Mary Busby 21 November 1839 in Bibb County, Georgia.  She is also buried at Mt. Olive, with a memorial similar to the one pictured above.  It reads:

Sacred To The Memory Of
Mrs. Polly Ann McDonald
Consort of Elder Middleton McDonald
Was Born July 25th 1824
Died June 30th 1880

Weep Not That Her Toils
Are Over. Weep Not That
Her Race Are Run.
God Grant That We May Rest
As Calmly When Our Works
Like Hers Are Done.
Till Then We Would Yield
With Gladness Our Treasures
To Him To Keep And
Rejoice In The Sweet
Assurance He Giveth His
Loved Ones Sleep.


Middleton, who was born about 1813, would live on for five more years after the passing of Mrs. L. J. McDonald.  I found mention of his death in the 20 July 1900 edition of the Macon Telegraph (Georgia):


VIENNA, Ga., July 19. – Elder Middleton McDonald died yesterday near this place.  He was one of the oldest citizens of Dooly county.  He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and has been preaching for more than sixty years.  He has held many positions of trust and honor.  He was moderator of the Pulaski association for twenty years.

No man stood higher among the people of Dooly county than did Elder McDonald.  He was the father of P. G. McDonald of this place, J. B. McDonald of Atlanta and Mrs. J. C. Forehand.

I would like to assume Elder McDonald rests with Polly Ann and L. J. at Mt. Olive Cemetery, but I said never to do that.

[If you're wondering what's up with all the "letter" posts:  I am attempting to follow the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (links to official page). This challenge lasts through the month of April, with Sundays off. Click here to see all my letter posts on one page (in reverse order). Oh, and wish me luck!]


Darla M Sands said...

It is dreadfully easy to make assumptions in every area of life. I'm reminded of a favorite epitaph to be found on historic Island Farm located upon North Carolina's Roanoke Island. Fannie B. Dough's tombstone reads:
As a wife devoted
As a mother affectionate
As a friend ever kind and true
Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
I’m really enjoying my little focus on music this month. Be well!

elenchera said...

What a great idea for a blog. So many stories are to be found in our graveyards.

Well done with the A-Z Challenge so far :)

Jill Ball said...

Perhaps there was no-one around who cared enough to erect a headstone to the Rev.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks a bunch, elenchera! Jill, I think that's a good possibility.

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