17 April 2016

In Memory of the Departed, Sallie Virginia Whitehead

Sliding this in among the A to Z Challenge posts. Hope you're enjoying it, whether participating directly or following along.

100_1262Sallie Virginia was a daughter of Reason and Mollie D. Whitehead.  She was born 24 April 1881, and died 7 May 1881 – living only twelve days.  The epitaph on her tombstone reads, in part, "Too pure for Earth, its little spirit winged its flight to Heaven."

I found a poem today that seemed apropos to the passing of little Sallie.  "Departed" is from a book entitled, Select Poems by Harvey Rice (c. 1878).


Too pure for earth, too pure for earth,
Thy home the spirit-land,
Where earth-born flowers unfading smile,
Transferred by angel hand !

Yes, on thy brow the calm, bright skies
Of heaven their radiance shed :
The gift is thine, an angel's harp.
How blest the early dead !

From sorrow's vale uncheered and dark,
From tears and vain desires,
While young and sinless thou art freed,
The soul to heaven aspires.

But still thy name remains intwined
With memories ever dear,
And they who on thee oft have smiled
Now smile but through a tear.


Pamela Wright said...

What a beautiful and haunting poem. Great post as always - thank you.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks, Pamela!

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