19 April 2016

P is for the Prayer of a Heart Broken Wife (Tombstone Tuesday & A to Z)

100_1195John H. Folds was born 17 December 1861 in Georgia, the son of Edmund J. and Matilda J. Coleman Folds.  About the year 1887, John married Laura (b. 1863).  She was a daughter of  L. B. Bray.

John died 4 November 1909 in Dooly County, Georgia.  Notice of his demise was printed in the 5 November 1909 edition of The Vienna News:


Stricken With Second Stroke of Paralysis Which Caused His Death Thursday Morning.

Judge J. H. Folds, Justice of the Peace of the Pinehurst district passed away at his home a few miles west of Pinehurst Thursday morning about 2 o'clock.  He received a second stroke of paralysis Wednesday night and rapidly grew worse until death relieved him.

He was a member of the Primitive Baptist church and was a man much beloved by all who knew him.  His death is deeply deplored.

He leaves a wife and a large number of relatives to mourn his death.

The interment took place this morning at Mt. Olive cemetery.

A week later, 12 November 1909, in the same newspaper was printed a note of gratitude from John's wife:

Card of Thanks

I wish to thank the kind friends for their faithfulness to me and my devoted husband during his last illness especially the physicians Dr. Williams and Dr. Lee.  May heaven's richest blessings rest on each one of them is the prayer of a heart broken wife.  Mrs. John H. Folds.

Some time later, Laura (Bray) Folds married again to Mr. Wyatt Hall.  But upon her death in 1923, Laura returned to the side of John H. Folds to rest for all eternity.


Click here for an article on the urn as funerary art and what it might symbolize.

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Darla M Sands said...

That poor woman. What a lovely letter she wrote. And thank you for the article on urns.
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I hope you are having a day as lovely as what I’m enjoying on my back porch this fine Tuesday.

Pamela Wright said...

So interesting and again I love the terminology used - death relieved him. We probably think that now but would never say it and definitely not print it in the paper.

Jill Ball said...

Reunited with her first love.

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