22 April 2016

S is for Susie and Sudden Heart Failure


Susie Jane Carroll Musselwhite lived to be just 35 years of age.  Sudden heart failure was the primary cause of her demise listed on the standard certificate of death filed with the state of Georgia.

sjcmusselwhite-dc"Georgia Deaths, 1914-1927," database with images, FamilySearch
(https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-266-11112-144551-24?cc=1320969 : accessed 1 April 2016),
004178806 > image 1223 of 1534; Department of Archives and History, Atlanta.

Susie's death certificate also states she "had malaria & female troubles." About the fall of 1923, Susie was married to W. A. Musselwhite and residing in Byromville, GA.  She was the daughter of M. S. and Emma J. (Folds) Carroll.

Susie and her parents were all laid to rest at Mount Olive Cemetery in the Pinehurst area of Dooly County, Georgia.  Emma preceded her daughter in death by just a couple of years.


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Darla M Sands said...

Poor Susie! What a rough life.
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Be well!

Jill Ball said...

Susie's grave is on surprisingly good condition - looks like it has been restored.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Thanks, ladies, for visiting and commenting. Jill, I think you're right about Susie's gravestone. Especially seeing her mother's, whose death came only two years before.

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