23 April 2016

T is for Two Wives and Four Children in Six Years

The newspaper confirmed what I saw at the cemetery.

Mr. Moore has lost two wives and four children within six years.

100_1173This sad commentary was added to the Vienna Progress (Dooly County, Georgia) when J. C. Moore lost his eight-year-old daughter Maggie in June 1902.  Less than two years before, in September 1900, J's daughter Zola died just before reaching the age of ten.  The mother of Zola and Maggie had died in 1896.  A tribute to Effie Folds Moore was printed in the same newspaper that would later carry the death notice for her daughter:


Of a Dear Sister

Mrs. Effie Moore, wife of J. C. Moore died at her home Jan. 10th 1896.  She was the daughter of E. J. and M. J. Folds.  Five times within six months the angel of death has visited our midst and snatched from us a loved one.  It seems that the brightest flower is often plucked.

She had been confined to her bed about five weeks with malarial fever and pneumonia, but died very suddenly.  She was a consistent member of the Methodist church from childhood.

Sad, oh sad, to give up those we love so dear.  She was a quiet, kind, good wife and mother and a loving sister and friend.  Oh! may the Heavenly Father guide and direct her lonely husband and three little children through their troubles and lead them safely over their rough path of life.  May their sorrows prove a blessing in the end.

We say farewell for a while dear Effie.  Oh! may we meet again in that bright world of pleasure, to live together where we can sing praises to Him who died for all…HER BROTHERS AND SISTERS

After the passing of Effie, J. C. Moore married again.  Lenna gave birth to William W. in September 1900.  He lived five months.  A year later, Evelin was born.  This wee one lived less than three months.  Lenna died 28 May 1902, just seventeen days after Evelin, possibly due to complications of childbirth.


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Darla M Sands said...

How tragic! I can't imagine such heartbreak.
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It looks like I will have intermittent Internet access soon, so forgive me if I don’t stop by as often. I’ll try to maximize whatever time is allowed. Happy blogging!

Magda said...

I always stop when I see a cluster like that and want to know what happened. I am glad you were able to unravel the story behind these stones.

Jill Ball said...

You've so many sad tales to tell.

Jz said...

I would not have thought a person could pull off this challenge using your subject but you're doing a grand job!
Happy A to Z!

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