10 May 2016

'Twill Recompense the Woes of Earth (Tombstone Tuesday) & Reflections on Blogging from A to Z

Dora (1869-1942) and J. A. Moore rest at Hopewell Church Cemetery in Suwanee, Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Dora lived almost 24 years after her husband died in 1918.


I found a poem printed in 1852 that contains the phrase found as part of the epitaph on Dora's side of the headstone she shares with her husband.  Unfortunately, I didn't find the author.

Souls of such witchery and worth
Are never long to nature given;
'Twill recompense the woes of earth
To think we'll dwell with her in heaven !

Now for some reflections.  Last month, I participated in the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge and really enjoyed it.  (You can see all my entries here.) I'll admit, using this blog as a theme, was kind of easy.  Kind of.  There definitely were some letters that gave me pause.

I learned – for sure – that should I join in the future, posting ahead will be a must.  I decided to join in at the last minute this year.  My goal was to get and stay a week ahead.  I got there, but wasn't able to stay there.  I finished my last post just a few days before the challenge ended.  That might not seem like a big deal, but I author several blogs.  The others suffered greatly while this challenge was ongoing.

My blog does not get a lot of comments.  It is a niche blog, and I guess not one that fosters conversation.  So getting comments throughout the month was very nice.  I did my best to reciprocate with other blogs and bloggers in the challenge.  Having said that, I do think categorizing the blogs would be beneficial.  It's not required, and I'm one who did not put myself in one of the categories listed.  But I found it difficult to find blogs early on that I wanted to follow.  That did come, and I have added a few to my feedly reader to continue to follow after the challenge ended, but it took some extra clicks and was frustrating at times.  I understand no one wants to be pigeon-holed, so maybe we could be allowed to put our blog into more than one category if desired – two, maybe three? I nominate the following categories:  history (I don't like lumping it in with mythology), genealogy, homemaking, homesteading, and gardening.

Bottom line, for me, is I do plan to join in next year.  In fact, I hope to have two blogs entered into the challenge.  I think it's an awesome exercise and worth doing even if no one were to notice.  But, thankfully, I don't think that would happen! :-)

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