01 June 2016

Best Posts & Pin-ables for May

100_1345Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend? I hope so.  This was the first in ages that I wasn't at a "traditional" job.  So I was free and fortunate to be able to attend a local Memorial Day service.  I posted about it here.

Earlier in May, Elizabeth Shown Mills shared a link on facebook about a lecture being given by University of Georgia History Professor Stephen Berry.  It was about coroners in the 19th century South.  From lecture summary:  "He discussed the role of a coroner as an agent of the state and talked about the records created from coroner inquests. He argued that coroners can shed light on the emerging patterns of death within a society…"

It was a highly informative and very interesting lecture.  As of this writing, it is still available (free!) on C-Span.org.

I was able to visit a couple of cemeteries this month.  One I wrote about for yesterday's post.  The other was "the older one" across the way.  I was looking for a specific grave.  Thankfully, I found it – on the opposite end from which I started.  You know how that goes.

That's ok.  I don't think I could ever rush through a cemetery in the mountains.


100_7699On to the purpose of this post! The three posts from this blog that got the most attention last month were not written in the month of May.  They are -

  1. Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks
  2. Southern Cross of Honor
  3. Alfred Cranford Murdered.  Sam Hose Lynched.

I posted 17 times last month.  Not too bad! The three most viewed posts from that grouping are -

  1. Hubert P. Peevy & Bona Allen, Inc.
  2. Remember the Rhona.  Remember Clinton Whitehead.
  3. Sudderth Family:  3 Years, 3 Deaths, 1 Tombstone (Causes of Death Defined)

I was really happy to see #2 up there.  I enjoyed writing the post, and think the plight of those soldiers is an under told story.  The post that received the least attention was Poem Turned Epitaph for Mrs. Clarra Williams.  The poem is titled A Death-Bed.  It's only two verses (stanzas?), but I think quite lovely.  Maybe give it a look?

There was a tie for the most pinned post of May:

Top Tweet goes to -

The Corpse Gate

I enjoyed writing that one, too.  And finally, the most engagement on facebook came with a photo I shared from Trinity Church Cemetery in Gwinnett County, Georgia:


If you missed any of the posts linked above, please check them out.  Thank-you so much for continuing to follow Southern Graves.

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