18 June 2016

Ezekiel E. Parke: Georgia Soldier, Revolutionary War


Ezekiel Evans Parke
Georgia Soldier
Rev War

Greensboro City Cemetery at Greene County, Georgia

Ezekiel Evans Park, (1757-1826), a patriot of '76, lived on a plantation near Greensboro.  He was a graduate of William and Mary College and was a man of culture.  Mr. Park witnessed service in a number of engagements and was wounded at the battle of Guildford C. H., in North Carolina.  -- Lucian Lamar Knight, Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials, and Legends, 1913.

North America Family Histories, 1500-2000, citing Lineage Book of the Charter Members of the DAR, Vol 028, says this:

Ezekiel Evans Parke, (1757-1826), a graduate of William and Mary College, volunteered under Gen. Nathaniel Green in his campaign against Cornwallis, in North Carolina.  He was wounded at Guilford Court House.  He was born in Virginia; died in Greensboro, Ga.

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