15 January 2017

Nancy Finds Her God, and Sits and Sings

Nancy A., wife of Thomas M. Hughes, rests in Old Blairsville Cemetery at Union County, Georgia.


Nancy A. Hughes
Born Dec 11, 1810
Died March 9, 1881
In the 71st year of her age.

Borne by angels on their wings;
Far from earth the spirit flies;
Finds her God, and sits and sings;
Triumphing in paradise.

According to Our Hymns and Their Authors (Tillett, 1892), the last several lines of Nancy's epitaph are from "A Funeral Hymn." The words, originally written in the masculine, were by Charles Wesley about 1742.

Using census records only, it appears Nancy and Thomas had about 13 children, one of which is buried along side them at Old Blairsville Cemetery.

  • 100_7777Marthyann (b. abt 1829)
  • William C. (b. abt 1830)
  • Francis (b. abt 1832)
  • Louisa (b. abt 1834)
  • Elender (b. abt 1837)
  • Jane (b. abt 1840)
  • Rosetta / Rozetta (b. abt 1842)
  • Thomas C. (b. abt 1844-5)
  • Sarah / Sally (b. abt 1846-8)
  • John W. (b. abt Nov 1849)
  • Andrew P. (b. abt 1852-3)
  • Calley / Cally (b. abt 1852-3)
  • Samuel (b. abt 1860?)

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