07 April 2017

F is for Fuqua, Georgia (A to Z Challenge)

Here Fuqua, Georgia has two meanings.  We have a "last name first" situation, as well as a locale.

Lilly City Cemetery

Wife and Mother
Wife of H. A. J. Fuqua
Born Dec 20, 1848
Died Apr 20, 1900
Asleep in Jesus
H. A. J. Fuqua
Born June 13, 1845
Died Nov 20, 1912
An honest man is
the noblest work of God.

Vienna Progress (Georgia)
26 April 1900, pg. 4

Town Topics

Mrs. H. A. J. Fuqua, wife of Postmaster Fuqua, of the office of the same name, died of pneumonia and was buried Saturday in the Adams graveyard.  A good woman is gone, and the sympathy of the county is for the bereaved ones.

Yes, there was indeed a Fuqua, Georgia.  The town was located in Dooly County.  GeorgiaInfo shows it in a Historical Atlas for the years 1895, 1899, and 1910.  Mr. Fuqua's obituary in the 22 November 1912 edition of the Vienna News provides a bit more:


Mr. H. A. J. Fuqua, of Lilly, aged about 67 years, passed away suddenly at the home of a relative near Dublin in Laurens county Wednesday night.

He was a Confederate veteran and held the position of postmaster of Fuqua, later named Lilly, for over quarter of a century.  His death is greatly deplored in the county.

He is survived by three sons and five daughters, all grown, besides a number of relatives.

The body was brought to Lilly yesterday afternoon and the interment took place this morning.

The remains of Mr. Fuqua were laid to rest beside those of his wife in the Adams Graveyard, later to be known as Lilly City Cemetery.

Are you wondering what's up with all the "letter" posts? I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (links to official page). This challenge lasts through the month of April, with Sundays off.  Each day follows a different letter prompt, in order, from A to Z.  Click here to see all my letter posts on one page (in reverse order). This blog as a whole is one of my themes – telling the tales of tombstones, primarily from those found in the Southern United States and usually the State of Georgia.  You may follow along with me by email and other social media platforms listed at the top of the sidebar.  I and other bloggers in the challenge on Twitter will also be using #atozchallenge.

Though this is my second year in the challenge, it's my first with two blogs.  I am also participating with Lincecum Lineage.  Though it is a one name study blog, my theme there is "kinfolk direct." These genealogy and family history posts all involve a direct relative.

Are you participating in the challenge, too? Please leave a link to your blog in the comments, I'd love to pay you a visit.  Good luck to all involved!


Miss Andi said...

These old stories or details more like, are so interesting! It always makes me think, what were they like? Were they in love? How did they live? What did they dream about? It makes history so much more "real" for the better word. Thank you for sharing!

Today on my Journey To Courageous Living my belated F is for  a fun post. - I think. But you'll be the judge of it so come, check it out ;)

Stephanie Lincecum said...

I completely agree, Andi. Finding a neat tidbit of information makes the individual "return to life," in a way. Fun research, IMO.

On my way to view your fun post! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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