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Death of Allen Cochran, Jr. (1859)

Allen Cochran, Jr. was born 29th June 1832 and died 21st October 1859. Per the 1860 Monroe County, Georgia, U.S. Federal census mortality schedule, Mr. Cochran's death was due to consumption. This malady was also known as Tuberculosis. The death of Allen Cochran, Jr. was front-page news: Weekly Georgia Telegraph (Macon, GA) 1 November 1859 - pg. 1 [via Georgia Historic Newspapers ] Death of Allen Cochran. Again it becomes our melancholy task to record the death of one of our most esteemed and valuable citizens -- one whose social qualities endeared him to all who enjoyed his acquaintance. Kind, affable and generous, were the loading [sic] qualities of his disposition, and as a friend, his heart was always full of warm and sincere affection. As he trod the difficult and devious paths of life, it was his good fortune to keep his robes unsoiled by the vile corruption which polutes [sic] those ways. The history of the life of a deceased friend may convey a useful lesson to the

Obituary of William J. Thomas (d. 1865) and a Bit of Freemasonry Symbolism

The first line of William's obituary was also inscribed on his gravestone. Macon Telegraph (Georgia) Sunday, 24 September 1865 - pg. 2 [via GenealogyBank ] Obituary of W. J. Thomas. WILLIAM J. THOMAS was born in Monroe county, Ga., August 4th, 1835, and died in Macon, Ga., August 26th, 1865, having just completed his 30th year. He graduated at the Military Institute, Marietta, Ga.; was considered an excellent scholar, and always conducted himself with decorum and dignity. He was married Dec. 20th, 1860, to Miss Julia Wright. He was a very affectionate husband and kind father. It may truly be said that he idolized his wife and little son, and it was his constant endeavor to furnish every comfort and luxury which could render life desirable and happy. He was sick but a short time, being violently attacked at 3 o'clock, A.M., and died at 8, P.M. Our deceased friend never made a public profession of religion, but some who knew him well entertain the hope that he had exper

Dr. Shaler Granby Hillyer Is Dead

Per his gravestone in Forsyth Cemetery at Monroe County, Georgia, Rev. Shaler Granby Hillyer, D.D. was ordained into the Baptist ministry in 1835. He continued to preach until just weeks before his death on 19 February 1900. Obituary and life sketch follows. Macon Telegraph (Georgia) Tuesday, 20 February 1900 - pg. 2 [via GenealogyBank ] DR. S. G. HILLYER IS DEAD WAS THE FATHER OF MR. L. P. HILLYER OF MACON. Was for Sixty-Eight Years a Preacher of the Baptist Church -- Filled a High Place in Georgia in Religious Work. ATLANTA, Feb. 19. -- The death of Rev. Shaler Granby Hillyer, which was not unexpected, occurred today at noon at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. J. N. Jones, on South Pryor street. Sunday morning he was seized with an attack of paralysis, from which he never recovered. His advanced age, he being 91, made the attack particularly severe upon him. Up to the time time [sic] that he was stricken his mental faculties were as active as ever. Recently he has devo

Auto vs. Motorcycle Crash Kills Joseph D. Pritchett in 1940

Joseph Daniel Pritchett was born 9 September 1917 at Juliette, Monroe County, Georgia. A week before his 23rd birthday, Joseph was killed. His skull was fractured in a motorcycle accident. Macon Telegraph (Georgia) Tuesday, 3 September 1940 [via GenealogyBank ] Auto - 'Cycle Crash Kills Upson Man [ Special to The Telegraph ] GRIFFIN, Sept. 2 -- Joseph Daniel Pritchett, 23, Thomaston, was killed instantly in a motorcycle-auto collision about a mile and a half north of here on the Atlanta highway about 5:45 p.m. today. Pritchett was driving the motorcycle...which crashed into the side of a car... ...[B]oth vehicles were heading north and...the accident occurred when the car made a left turn into a filling station... Pritchett had been accepted by the army as a recruit today and was en route to Fort Oglethorpe. Macon Telegraph (Georgia) Saturday, 7 September 1940 - pg. 2 [via GenealogyBank] Deaths JOSEPH D. PRITCHETT FORSYTH, Sept. 6 -- Joseph D. Pritchett, aged 22,

19 Ceramic Photos in Forsyth Cemetery

I was surprised at the number of ceramic photos (sometimes known as porcelain pictures ) I found while traipsing through Forsyth Cemetery and its subdivision called Rest Haven in Monroe County, Georgia. Young soldiers and children were prevalent. From the 1940s to the 2000s. Below are the nineteen I photographed. J. Ponder Carson (1868-1943) H. Walter Carson (1873-1943) *brother of J. Ponder Calvin Clifford Hudson (1946-1967) James T. Pritchett (1881-1941) Bessie W. Pritchett (1884-1967) *wife of James T. Joseph D. Pritchett (1917-1940) *son of James & Bessie John W. Martin (1943-1966) Samuel F. Anderson, Jr. (1929-1954) Joyce A. Belknap (1953-1970) James Floyd Mitchell (1901-1962) Ozella McCord Mitchell (1903-1990) *wife of James Floyd William Raymond Maddox, Sr. (1918-1984) Lucille Bates Maddox (1919-1996) *wife of William Raymond Gail Eugenia Maddox (1946-1959) *daughter of William & Lucille Sharron Crutchfield (

Thomas Banks Cabaniss: Captain, Statesman, Citizen, and Gentleman

Thomas Banks Cabaniss, a United States Congressman, was a son of Elbridge Gerry Cabaniss (1802-1872) and Sarah Chipman (1809-1876). An obituary: Barnesville News-Gazette (Georgia) 19 August 1915 JUDGE T. B. CABANISS DIES Judge Thomas B. Cabaniss, one of the best-known men in the state, died at his home in Forsyth last Saturday. About a year ago Mr. Cabaniss resigned his judgeship on account of his health, so his death was not unexpected. He was 80 years of age. He was a captain in the confederate army, and the Forsyth chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy is named in his honor. Judge Cabaniss was a prominent Georgia jurist, and had lived his entire life in Forsyth. He was a successful attorney, and served his county in the legislature and this district in the state senate. Later he was elected solicitor-general of the Flint Circuit, which position he held until he was elected to congress in 1893. After serving one term he was defeated for re-election by Judge C. L. Bart

Mary Jane Perkins's Life was Replete with Deeds of Kindness

Mary Jane, husband of Alexander Lee Perkins (1827-1895), left Monroe County, Georgia after the death of her husband, and finished out her days with a daughter in Bibb County. Following is an obituary from the 18 November 1901 edition of the Macon Telegraph (Georgia): MRS. LEE PERKINS DIED YESTERDAY Her Remains Will Be Taken to Forsyth for Interment -- Mother of Mrs. S. B. Price. Mrs. A. L. Perkins died yesterday afternoon at 1:45 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. S. B. Price, No. 2 Daisy Park. Since the death of her husband, Capt. A. Lee Perkins, of near Bolingbroke, Monroe county, Mrs. Perkins has resided in Macon with Mrs. Price. She had been in ill health for some time and gradually grew worse until yesterday the end came. Mrs. Perkins was an estimable woman and drew about her many warm and devoted friends. Her life was replete with deeds of kindness and charity to those in distress. Her delightful country home in Monroe county was noted for its hospitality. Mrs. Pe

Dr. O. L. Deadwyler Killed in 1922 Auto Crash

Though his first initial is printed incorrectly, the following front-page news article details the death of Dr. O. L. Deadwyler. 19 March 1922 Athens Banner (Georgia) PHYSICIAN KILLED IN AUTO CRASH CARLTON DOCTOR IS INSTANTLY KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Fatal Smash-Up, Said to Be Unavoidable, Results When Ford Coupes Collide. OTHER OCCUPANTS ESCAPE INJURY Dr. D. L. Deadwyler, Pinned Under Car, Dies Before Reaching Athens Hospital. Dr. D. L. Deadwyler, prominent physician of Carlton, Ga., was almost instantly killed at an early hour Saturday night in an auto collision about three miles from Athens on the Winterville road. Dr. Deadwyler and his son, D. L. Jr., were returning to their home at Carlton when the accident occurred. Young Deadwyler who was driving the Ford coupe in which he and his father were riding was unhurt save for minor scratches and bruises. He stated Saturday night that so far as he knew the accident was unavoidable. He said that his car was approached by

An Incomplete Tribute of Respect to Lieut. Francis Power

Following from the 9th December 1863 Athens, Georgia Southern Banner : Tribute of Respect. At a regular communication of Brookline Lodge, No 210, of Free and Accespted Masons, a committee...were appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the feelings of the Lodge in regard to the death of our Brother, FRANCIS B. POWER... Whereas, it has pleased the Supreme Architect of the Universe, in the dispensation of his providence, to remove from time to eternity, our highly esteemed and worthy brother Francis Power, who departed this life in the fortieth year of his age. He volunteered in defence of his country on the fourth of March, 1862, served as second Lieut. one year and seven months, chiefly in Tennessee. He fell a victim to the missles of the fow, on the bloody battle field of Chickamauga, whilst leading his men on to victory. He was highly esteemed as an officer, and much beloved by all his men, for his affection and kindness towards them at all times. Bro Power was a devoted memb

Joseph B. Power, Son of Jesse and Emily

Joseph B. Power, son of Jesse (1788-1881) and Emily, was born 10 July 1837 in Georgia (possibly Madison County). At age nineteen, he married Anna G. Power in Madison County, and they had at least one child. According to Ancestry's Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles database, Joseph enlisted as a Private in Company B, Georgia 9th Infantry Battalion on 9 May 1862. He was mustered out upon his death six months later. The Southern Banner (Athens, GA) published the following on 10 December 1862: Died Nov. 23d, 1862, of typhoid fever, Joseph B. Power, aged 25 years 4 months and 11 days. He was a son of Jesse and Emily; he died at the residence of Martha Power, his mother-in-law, in Madison county. He has left a wife and one child to mourn their loss; and also a large circle of relatives; but we hope that their loss is his gain, as he has been a member of the Baptist church for a number of years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea, saith th

The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones. Then He caused me to pass by them all around, and behold, there were very many in the open valley; and indeed they were very dry. And He said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?"

So I answered, "O Lord God, You know."

Again He said to me, "Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, 'O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!' Thus says the Lord God to these bones: 'Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live...'" (Ezekiel 37:1-5, NKJV)