Cemetery Photos Service

Southern Graves Cemetery Photos Service
Let me preserve your past with images
of the final resting place of your Georgia ancestors.

What I Provide:

I will photograph cemetery signs (if available) and entrances, landscapes, family plot overviews, individual tombstones (including close-up views) specifically requested, and any other surrounding stones I think might be of interest to you. If a cemetery is attached to a church, or any other organizational building, images of these connections will be included also. All images will be provided at full resolution.

I will also provide any additional information about the cemetery I have or may obtain. This may include cemetery history, specific location of your ancestors within the cemetery, GPS coordinates, maps, office hours, and contact information. Not all information will be available for all cemeteries.

If your ancestor is buried within a family plot, I will also provide a short video clip including a pan of the cemetery and plot, as well as your ancestor's placement within it. This will likely NOT include any narration. Unless specifically requested, video will be provided at my discretion.

I will place flowers at the gravesite, if desired and requested. Additional fees will apply, but I will only ask for the cost of the flowers. I am also willing to provide images of landmarks such as county courthouses or homes, if requested, are local to the cemetery, and can be found.

All of the above images will be provided on a CD mailed to you. If any applicable maps or information are to be included, they may be provided in print form.

Fees and Payment:

My fees are a flat rate of $15.00 per hour. This includes drive time (to and from), time spent at the cemetery (and/or other applicable locations), any light cleaning of the area required (I am not qualified to provide a comprehensive tombstone cleaning service), photo editing, putting the images and information to the CD, and postage. NO additional charges for gas, mileage, or shipping will be applied. You will be provided with a detailed printed report of how I spent my time on your request.

All fees will be paid in advance, unless special circumstances arise. In the event I cannot locate a stone for your ancestor at the cemetery you provided, I will retain payment for drive time. Fees paid above and beyond will be returned to you.

If additional fees above the quoted price are ever required, I will explain the need and you will have an opportunity to adjust your request accordingly.

Payment will be accepted in the forms of cash, personal check, or credit / debit card via PayPal. Checks received will have to clear before request will be fulfilled.

Where and When:

I am willing to travel anywhere in the state of Georgia. I live in the middle of the state. Drive time to Atlanta and back, for example, would be about 4 hours total ($60.00).

Requests will usually be fulfilled and in the mail within one week of receipt of payment. If more time is required, you will be notified as soon as possible.

I am NOT familiar with every cemetery in the state of Georgia. If the cemetery is not located on a map, or if I cannot find the location myself, I will need detailed information as to where the cemetery is located.

Same applies for the location of your request within the cemetery. The less time I have to spend there, the lower the cost to you.

There are many, many family cemeteries on rural land in the state of Georgia. I will NOT go on private property without permission from the landowner. If you know such is the case with your request, please let me know. I will need contact information for the current landowner.

Additional Information:

Once you receive the images, they are yours to do with as you wish. I do retain the right, however, to also keep copies for posting to the Internet, including my blog(s), or for print, etc. If there is any reason as to why you do not wish to see images you requested to be used in such a manner, please let me know.

I am also a member of Genlighten.


Want more information? Ready to submit a request? Email me! I look forward to helping you preserve your past, a tombstone at a time.

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