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- A Bank Failure Results in a Man Charged with Murder. Sound Familiar? (Tombstone Tuesday)

- A Remarkable Funeral: Burial of the Victims of the Woolfolk Tragedy [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- And the Road Goes on Forever: Duane Allman & Berry Oakley [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen

- Calm, the Good Man Meets His Fate (& a Masonic Funeral Ritual)

- Camilla's Treestone & the Supreme Forest of the Woodmen Circle

- Cause of Death: Puerperal Eclampsia (Amanuensis Monday)

- Churchyard Literature: A Short Essay on Epitaphs [at GYRabbit Online Journal]

- Clasped Hands: The Devil is in the Details

- Daniel Ryder, U.S. Colored Infantry

- Died of Consumption, Mrs. Eliza S. Davis, Aged 32 Years

- Dum Tacet Clamat

- F. F. Juhan Called to Beyond: Well-Known Jurist Passes After Long and Active Life

- Frances Wicks Memorial: Jesus on the Cross

- Dr. Fred A. Moss & the Fairview Memorial Garden

- From the Life of General Thomas Pinckney

- Funeral Mound of the Mississippians

- George A. Wagener, Grocery Wholesaler & Phosphate Industrialist

- Gravestones & the Google Translator

- Here Rests the Body of Col. William Rhett

- Honoring a Little Boy's Dream [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Ilah Dunlap: the Queenliest of Macon's Young Women [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- In Hoc Signo Vinces: the Knights Templar

- It's Time for You to Get Low

- James Willingham Fell Victim to His Own Benevolence [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- John Buckley & the Congressional Medal of Honor

- John Victau Dowis: A Tale of Murder & Revenge

- John Waterman: Georgia Journalist, Sweet Potato Enthusiast, & Strong Prohibitionist

- "Little Mary Marsh" of the Marsh Juvenile Comedians Troupe [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Little Susie May's Dove and Anchor

- Lothrop Withington, Noted Genealogist Lost at Sea

- Louis Behrens, Famous Fireman

- Louis J. Dinkler: From Baker to Hotel Baron [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Members of Kennon Family Killed By a Storm in 1875

- Memento Mori

- "My Favorite Season" for the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival

- My Scavenger Hunt for the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival

- My Journey to Visit the Brother that Did Not Survive

- Native American Sacred Sites [at Southern Graves site]

- North Carolina's Greatest Man: Zebulon Baird Vance

- O. Henry - Author, Cowboy, Druggist, Sheep Herder, & Convicted Embezzler

- Odd Fellows and Rebekahs

- Paging Dr. Marvin [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Remembering the Lewis Boys

- Robert J. Anderson, Confederate Soldier at Gettysburg [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

- Southern Cross of Honor

- Southern Folk Cemetery [at Southern Graves site]

- To Move or Not to Move

- To the Asylum Goes the Murderess Julia Force (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Tombstones for the Innocent: A Short Essay on Victorian Children's Grave Markers [at GYRabbit Online Journal]

- Undertakers, Coffins, & Furniture

- Urn as Funerary Art

- William Zeigler: the Man, His Vault, & His Woman Slave Mary [at Rose Hill Cemetery blog]

- Wolihin Masonic Monument (Tombstone Tuesday)

- Women's Relief Corps, Order of the Eastern Star, & Mother Enterprise

- Woodmen of the World Memorials [at Southern Graves site]

- You Can't Always Trust the Dates on a Tombstone: The Case of Uriah Holden

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